Fr Kieron O’Brien has been leading the parish since 2013. He is also Episcopal Vicar for Sussex. Fr Kieron has been a priest for one or two years now, having studied in Rome.

Fr Peter Fitch is Assistant Priest, serving across the parish and especially the Hospital chaplaincy and schools.


The Parish Mission Council is a group of parishioners who work closely with Fr Kieron to bring about the vision of a  Missionary Parish as promoted by Pope Francis and encouraged by Bishop Richard. The Council aims to establish priorities and marshal resources to ensure that everything we do is measured against our primary task of proclaiming the Good News. We have now formed three teams to focus on the three priorities identified by Bishop Richard, these are

  • Prayer & Liturgy
  • Formation
  • Mission outreach

Each team is formed of members of the Mission Council with other parishioners chosen for their expertise.


The Wellspring Community provides a full programme for students and young adults. Marina is the main point of contact. For more information see the Students & Young adults page.


The resources and finance team looks after the health of the finances and buildings across the parish. We meet approximately monthly. If you would like to know more, or have a concern to raise, please contact one of the team members: Canon Kieron, Tad Matus (chair), Fran Anderson, Bill Gillam, Bernard Polden, Colin Vincent or Nick Wells – or the parish administrator AnnMarie Klein.


We have 3 aims;

To maintain the finances and buildings in good health, and to plan for their future
To ensure comfortable, safe and effective provision for both staff and parishioners
To identify resources to invest in the mission of the parish


The exterior of St Joseph’s was totally renovated 12 years ago. We recently completed full interior renovation, and are now about to start the next project – a glass screen across the back of the church to provide a separate meeting and mingling area, which will also improve energy efficiency.


Only 50% of the funds the parish needs for its work comes from parishioners as offertory or other giving. For the rest we are particularly dependent of rents and hall lettings (37%) and on targeted fundraising for any project we take forward.


The Parish Office is open on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s from 9:00am – 1:00pm. You can call the office on 01273 386159 or email us:


AnnMarie Klein                                Maryanne Fenwick